Essoya is Green. Help keep our planet Green with ESSOYA.

We contribute to and support the Sierra Club, Greenpeace,Habitat for Humanity and Tahoe Blue, as well as many other environmental and wildlife preservation organizations.

**We use recycled and/or tree free paper for our business cards, receipts, invoices, and catalogs.

**When shipping, we use boxes made from 100% recycled material and we also use Priority Mail boxes (which are post consumer recycled). We use recycled packing peanuts, packaging, and bubble wrap made from recycled material.

**Anything we cannot reuse, we try to recycle.

Help keep our planet Green with ESSOYA! One of our core focuses is setting an environmental proactive example for other businesses in our industry. Dedicated to being earth-friendly, ESSOYA is protecting our environment from any negative impact of the services we provide, through green energy certificates. We purchase enough renewable energy certificates to offset our”carbon footprint” use of traditional power sources. By purchasing renewable energy certificates, we are not only offsetting our own emissions of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases, we are participating in a community of responsible businesses and individuals. As an eco-conscious customer, your ESSOYA products will contribute to preventing the emissions of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide and will contribute in planting up to several acres of trees or removing up to several cars from the road for one year.